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 Contacts Building a legacy
Materials and donations Resources Gardening notes




"Growth in a garden is like growth in a student: they both learn and secretly have fun" 

Garden of Awesomeness




Welcome to Randy Smith Middle School's virtual garden.


In 2009 We started a garden in partnership with Calypso Farms as part of their schoolyard garden initiative. 2012 will see us in our second year of food production. keep reading to see how our students used the garden and our plans for next spring.

(Click here to learn about the Calypso Farms Schoolyard Garden Initiative)


The Farms to school program helps students have healthy food to feed their bodies.


Garden Update:

This fall we had Students from Anne Wein Elementary join us in the garden. It is so great to have the younger kids involved in exploring this hands on classroom.


 Planning meeting for next year's garden coming. It will be an exciting new season with lots of great plans coming.




Garden Bazaar 2015 coming April 18. Please remember this is a handcrafted only bazaar.

Confirmed vendors for 2015:

Borealis threads

Borealis britches

Kitchen vixen

Alaska Snow Girl Creations

Bow button Scarves

TNT enterprise

Windy Creek woodcarving

Whimsey paper and books

Larry Mostella

Patricia Brown

Bernadette Charlie

Travis Olsen


Green Star will be here Taking electronic recycling.

The Other Paw will be here with service dog training information



Click here for the vendor form


Thank you:







Randy Smith Cookbooks are here! The Black Bear favorites cookbooks are now available at the School for $10.

 These will for sale during the bazaar, as well as at the school .

All proceeds from cook book sales go to support our school garden. Inside you will find lots of tasty goodies with recipes submitted by staff, parents and students




>>>> see the artwork created by students in garden. Many of the banner photos on the Randy Smith school page were created by students in the garden and using a USB microscope to get a closer look at the plants we grew. 


>>>> Bazaar

Every year we have many fantastic supporters for our bazaar and our garden. We hope to continue this tradition.











Randy Smith students took part in a taste test of local produce that will be making its way into school lunches. We will include a link (when it is available) here to see the video made by the Cooperative Extension office about the Farm to schools program and how it is being utilized by our school district


New resource from DNR. http://dnr.alaska.gov/ag/FarmToSchool/SGfoodsafetyguide.pdf

How to become a donor.

Looking for good Karma? Want to help your local youth with hands-on learning resources?? Want to encourage the production of local food crops?

These are all fabulous reason to consider donating to our local school garden.

Many ways to give:

Donate items

     check out our tool list and see if you have a spare tool laying around.

     Special events like our Garden Bazaar in April need silent auction donations

Donate Time

     Fund raising activities and workdays are times when We can always use a hand

Donate Money

     Any cash donation go directly to support our garden. Large or small every dime helps us reach our goal of having the best school       garden


We are still looking for some tools for our garden.



Digging forks


broad fork


Pitch fork






Garden Shed:

Hutchison High School Woodworking class built a great shed for us. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!


Raised beds:

Up date: Our raised bed continue to do well. The soil thaws and warms quickly and the growing action is fantastic.

   If you look at the diagram below you can see what a cross section of the finished bed looks like.  We are collected the daily food waste from the lunch room and the kitchen and put it in the two beds. when they reached a level that will allowed 10 inches of soil we topped them off ready for planting. It has been amazing to see how much waste even one box holds. We started the waste collection in mid September and had just reached the levels needed by our spring fill date.

Future plans for these includes rubber matting around the raised beds to allow easier access.




  We want to do many things to make our garden usable and unique. Some of these things will take volunteer efforts and some will take money and donations of materials.


Summer work days

Gigantic thanks to the 20 people who helped get this fence up. We had staff, and their families and friends who lent a hand to the project.Also thanks to Spenard's and Rockwell Engineering for expediting the delivery of lumber and gravel for this project. 










 Our generous parents can continue to donate tools to our program as well as money.





Links: Organizations that help us with event advertising, partnerships and major donations

Why not become a supporter today?





Building a legacy


Materials and donations


Gardening notes








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